The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas Crown Nutcracker Decoration

Nutcracker Decoration

The Christmas season is a time marked by jubilant celebration and exuberant decor. As such, the Spirit of Christmas crown nutcracker decoration is effortlessly incorporated in the season.
Christmas crown nutcrackers are decorative figures made to resemble toy soldiers. The Christmas nutcrackers are mostly painted in bright colors which are rather warm and inviting colors over this holiday season. In the German tradition, the dolls are a symbol of good luck, scaring away bad spirits. However, most of the dolls only serve a decorative function. They cannot be used to crack nuts.

Unique Cuckoo Clocks That Go with Modern Décor

Cuckoo Clocks

When you think of the cuckoo clock you may think of the gawdy clocks that you have seen on television or the extreme clock that some nutty relative had in their house. The poor cuckoo clock has gotten a bad reputation for being outlandish, garish, and distracting.

There are unique cuckoo clocks that go with modern décor available. Some of the designs of the cuckoo clocks actually enhance the modern décor and add a unique personal touch to your furnishings.