Unique Cuckoo Clocks That Go with Modern Décor

Cuckoo Clocks

When you think of the cuckoo clock you may think of the gawdy clocks that you have seen on television or the extreme clock that some nutty relative had in their house. The poor cuckoo clock has gotten a bad reputation for being outlandish, garish, and distracting.

There are unique cuckoo clocks that go with modern décor available. Some of the designs of the cuckoo clocks actually enhance the modern décor and add a unique personal touch to your furnishings.

The Haoshi X

There is a unique cuckoo clock called the Haoshi X that is designed to look like a simple mailbox. It is plain white in color and the little “cuckoo” bird comes out from the side of the clock. This style would look great at an entrance to your home or apartment.

Simple Shapes

You can now purchase unique cuckoo clocks that are simply round, square, or shaped in an ordinary plain shape. These clocks will come in designed from different materials like wood, and the little cuckoo will be miniature so that it does not interrupt the design of the clock. Often the cuckoo opening is placed where the numeral 12 or 6 should be on the clock.


Owls are a current decorating trend. A cuckoo clock designed with an owl for the cuckoo bird will fit in perfectly in this new trendy style.


Some of what makes a cuckoo clock fit in is the colorization of the clock. If your décor is modern simplistic a clock that is done in solid bright colors will add a pop of color and interest to your room. The clock you choose can be used as a piece of artwork or as a conversation piece. Choose a clock that has bold lines and colors and hang it in a center focal point of the room.

Size and Dimension

Size and dimension are the biggest deciding factors in your cuckoo clock choice, and whether the clock looks good in your room. If the clock you choose is overly large then it will dominate the room and on the other hand, if the clock you choose is incredibly small it will be swallowed up by the other room décor. Make sure that the clock you select is well proportioned in size to fit the room it will be placed in.

Old Styles and New Trends

We have all seen cuckoo clocks that are built like tiny ski lodges so the people come out on the hour. These types of clocks are perfect for your hunting camp, ski lodge, but refrain from putting one of them in any room of your home. On the other hand, there are unique cuckoo clocks designed to look like buildings that have tasteful cuckoos, like a replica of a city skyline, or what looks like a nature picture that has one feature that moves when the clock strikes the hour.

A cuckoo clock does not need to be ridiculously loud or obnoxious. It does not have to have a bird that comes out every hour. It can be a piece of art that is simple and attractive and the “cuckoo” that announces the hour can be something you love like a hummingbird, a blooming flower, or a dolphin emerging from the crystal waters of the ocean.