The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas Crown Nutcracker Decoration

Nutcracker Decoration

The Christmas season is a time marked by jubilant celebration and exuberant decor. As such, the Spirit of Christmas crown nutcracker decoration is effortlessly incorporated in the season.
Christmas crown nutcrackers are decorative figures made to resemble toy soldiers. The Christmas nutcrackers are mostly painted in bright colors which are rather warm and inviting colors over this holiday season. In the German tradition, the dolls are a symbol of good luck, scaring away bad spirits. However, most of the dolls only serve a decorative function. They cannot be used to crack nuts.

There are various decorative ideas to try out this festive season. Some of them include:

1. The spirit of Christmas crown nutcracker decoration can be used at the entrance door to the house. The most suitable ones for this purpose should be generally taller, about three-quarters the length of the door. Where there are two of them on either side of the door, they act as soldiers guarding the home creating a friendly atmosphere for all the guests coming to the house.

2. The Christmas nutcracker can also be used around the fireplace. They can be used at the corners of the fireplace, at the top or even in both places. Light from the fireplace reflects on the surface of the Christmas nutcracker creating such a beautiful ambiance. This would be especially suitable for late night conversations by the fireplace with the lights off. Candles can also be alternately arranged with the Christmas nutcrackers on top of the fireplace. Once they reflect the light from the candles, it has the same effect as having made a fire. You can use nutcrackers of different sizes and arrange them in an descending-ascending manner. This is rather creative way to arrange them. One can also be hang as a centerpiece surrounded by glittery balls on the wall right next to the fireplace.

3. The Christmas crown nutcracker can also be used as decoration for cabinets. Different sizes and makes would especially be recommended. Christmas lights can be aligned to them. You can also blend in both male and female nutcracker dolls with various expressions but with friendly faces so as to retain the Christmas mood.

4. The Christmas crown nutcracker can be used as decorations for the Christmas tree which is always at the center of decoration in this season. The smaller ones can be hang on the tree while the larger ones can be put at the bottom of the tree like soldiers guarding the gifts put under the tree.

5. They can also be aligned on the staircase. This would especially be suitable when planning a surprise where they act as a guide to where the surprise gift is. Where they are creatively arranged, they’d stir curiosity leading the person straight to their surprise. They can also have customized messages written on them that would spice up the surprise.

Christmas nutcrackers are therefore an essential component of the Christmas season. They are also easy to play around with in very creative ways resulting in an a beautifully decorated home for the festive season.